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Cadence Petroleum Group offers an extensive line up of lubricants in bulk and various package sizes to support the diverse needs of automotive, commercial, and industrial applications.

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Cadence Petroleum Group offers all grades of diesel, gasoline and kerosene fuels with our fleet of transport and bobtail trucks. Our products include:

• Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel
• Ultra-Low Sulfur Dyed Diesel
• High Sulfur Dyed Diesel
• Kerosene
• Gasolines
• Fuel Additives

Our expert staff of technicians can provide professional installation of tanks, monitors, pumps and other equipment to meet your fleet and facility needs.

Closeup of antifreeze


Cadence Petroleum offers a variety of leading antifreeze brands in bulk, totes, drums and cases. Antifreeze (engine coolant) helps regulate your engine during extreme temperatures. Coolant is pumped throughout the engine block as outside temperatures change from hot to cold to maintain an even operating temperature. Maintaining proper fluid levels will also help prevent corrosion.

Antifreeze is vital to engines and necessary to keep your operation running smoothly. All coolant is created using the same base chemical ethylene glycol. Additives and dyes are what differentiates antifreeze products.

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Cadence Petroleum Group offers high quality diesel exhaust fluid (DEF). We have DEF available in a range of package sizing including 1 gallon and 2.5 gallon jugs, drums, totes, and bulk.

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