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March 17, 2020

Dear Valued Cadence Customer:

Developments around the COVID-19 situation continue to evolve rapidly. We want to update you on the measures we are undertaking at Cadence Petroleum Group.

Our focus for the immediate future is in two directions:

  1. To protect the safety and health of our employees; and
  2. To maintain vital operational activities for our customers.

We have all sectors of our company engaged in monitoring developments, establishing and implementing best practices and procedures, and communicating with all necessary parties, both inside and outside the company. We continue to monitor information from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and local authorities, as well as the World Health Organization (WHO).

Our management team meets daily to update developments, share information, and implement or revise measures as needed. Our Environmental, Health, and Safety (EH&S) Manager and Director of Human Resources are conducting daily calls with our facilities to share and gather the latest information.

To date, there has been no quarantine, confirmed positive case, or known exposure to COVID-19 among our employees.

The following are among the measures we have instituted to date:

  1. Air travel by employees has been restricted;
  2. Face to face meetings with suppliers and customers and among employees have been curtailed;
  3. We have communicated best practices for hygiene as set forth by the CDC to our employees;
  4. Our delivery drivers are being supplied with extra equipment such as rubber gloves, hand sanitizer, and wipes as these items become available. In addition, we have established procedures for driver interaction with customers to minimize the chance of transmission.
  5. Enhanced cleaning protocols are in place at our facilities;
  6. We have asked any employees with symptoms, or suspected exposure, to remain at home for the appropriate time period;
  7. We have restricted access to our facilities;
  8. We have supplemented our resources to allow people to work remotely if necessary;
  9. We are updating communications with our employees daily.

We are in continuing dialog with our suppliers and have not been advised of any material near-term supply disruptions. Our inventory levels are strong, and we expect to continue to serve our customers needs. Be assured that we can continue to serve you with procedures aimed at protecting our employees and yours.

We ask that our customers not enter our facilities. We have procedures in place to accommodate Will Call orders and request that you call the facility prior to arriving so that we can arrange for a safe pick-up.

The current situation is unprecedented and changing quickly. Be assured that our full attention is focused on health, safety, and service, and we will balance those interests as best we can. If you have any concerns or require anything additional from us, please contact your Cadence representative or any of the executives below:

Bob Romano-CEO

Mike Stefanacci-Vice President of Sales

Aaron Pugh-Vice President of Operations
336.460.7010le content

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